Our Brands

Gallant Jewelry Creations

Each of Gallant Jewelry's subsidiaries has its unique area of speciality. Our sturdy infrastructure and imported machines have allowed us to achieve great heights and win clients all around the world. Gallant Jewelry Creations specialises in mass-manufacturing fashion and brass jewelry and is well able to produce superior quality and on-time delivery of over 20,000 pieces each month.

Gravity Jewels

The company was established in 2019 as a complement to Gallant Jewelry's portfolio and to increase our overall manufacturing capacity in order to meet the demands of our ever-growing global clientele. Gravity Jewels, which is equipped with world-class infrastructure and types of equipment, handles the entire manufacturing of semi-precious gemstones, from raw stone cutting to final finishing and polishing. All of our gemstones are verified using a Suzoho (Japan) High Checker DX, which displays the loose gemstone in completed jewelry and ensures that it is well fastened to prevent it from falling.


Aditi and Anaya, Arvind Gupta's daughters, founded the company with the goal of creating high-quality, sustainably-produced jewelry at affordable price points. Because of their close ties to Gallant jewelry, they decided to use abandoned or broken gemstones in the manufacturing process and implement circular manufacturing to achieve sustainability. This Gen-Z effort is for the environmentally conscious shopper who believes in purchasing jewelry that has a good influence on both the environment and society.
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Alka Gupta

‘Alka Gupta’, a jewelry brand which is a synonym for jewelry designs that exudes sophistication, class and panache. These one of a kind classic pieces are sustainable and meant to be long lasting forever with their exceptional quality of materials and craftsmanship. It is the sole vision of Gallant Jewelry’s significant partner Alka Gupta to design jewelry that celebrates today’s modern women who are looking for designs that express art, femininity and elegance along with their strong individuality. Each piece is handcrafted exclusively making it a ‘Labour of love’.
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Jewels Corporation

Jewels Corporation was founded in the multi-cultural and innovative city of London (United Kingdom) to promote better and more effective communications and relationships with our diversified and global clients. It serves as Gallant Jewelry's international headquarters. All of our business decisions are purely based on our global clients' mutual trust and respect.
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