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The Color Palette of 2024: Gemstone Hues Taking Center Stage

The Color Palette of 2024: Gemstone Hues Taking Center Stage

Gemstone jewellery is classics & never go out of style. But one thing that matters is which gemstones are rising the ladder of popularity. Every year, there are few gemstones that led the entire trend & define a new design language in the world of #finejewellery.

We at Gallant Jewelry have been a pioneer in #gemstone jewelry manufacturing and we always keep a close eye on what the latest trends are! This helps us in serving our clients with the best gemstone sourcing & craftsmanship.

So, let's dive in the vast world of gemstones & see what's the popular demand?

Every country, every region has its own biasness & popularity regarding the color of gemstones. In Europe, sapphires are in demand whereas in China, emerald & jade are ruling the charts. For US market, ruby & tourmaline are creating waves.

But, if we have to pick top 5 gemstones for 2024 then it will be- Emerald, Sapphire, Tourmaline, Morganite &

1) The Classic Emerald:

Emerald continues to be a highly sought-after gemstone in 2024, valued for its vibrant green hue and timeless elegance. "Emerald has been a hot seller consistently over the years", quoted by Grant Hamid of Hamid Bros.

But, as the prices for emerald are increasing, green tourmaline has come up as a graceful alternative.

In the realm of jewelry design, emerald's allure lies not only in its aesthetic appeal but also in its symbolic significance, representing renewal, growth, and prosperity. Designers are embracing emerald in a variety of innovative ways, from classic solitaire settings to more contemporary, avant-garde designs that showcase the gemstone's versatility. Some are even embracing the lighter shades of emerald as well, adding a modern flair to the jewels.

2) Not Your Usual Sapphire :

The royal blue sapphires have been classic & have continued to be really popular with both classic & contemporary designs. But, other shades of sapphire such as pink, teal-green will be in trend. To complement the vibrant shades, grey & black sapphire will also be used in multi-gemstone jewelry.

3) Mystical Shades of Tourmaline:

Tourmalines with their varied & vibrant hues have seen high surge in popularity. Its wide range of colors, from electric blues and greens to warm pinks and reds, provides designers with endless creative possibilities.

Experimenting with innovative cuts and setting techniques to accentuate tourmaline's natural beauty. The gemstone's association with positive energy and spiritual properties also adds an extra layer of appeal, making it a favorite among those seeking meaningful and stylish jewelry.

4) Pastel Dreams of Morganite:

Morganite, with its exquisite pastel tones, has become incredibly popular in recent years.

The gemstone's delicate peachy hue emanates warmth and elegance, making it a perfect choice for jewelry, especially after Peach Fuzz being the Pantone Color Of The Year.

Not only does morganite add a touch of beauty to any piece, but it also carries deeper meanings of love and compassion, making it even more special.

5) Mesmerizing Tanzanite:

Renowned for its mesmerizing blue-violet hues, this rare gemstone from Tanzania offers a unique and captivating allure. The unique & distinctive color of Tanzanite create pieces that stand out in the market.

The gemstone is highly popular because of its rarity & thus enhancing the exclusivity of a jewelry piece.


Although, trends define the design language of the market, it's all up to the #jewelrydesigners to reinterpret these trends in their own unique way & offer creative & commercial successful designs.

Gallant Jewelry, as a RJC certified responsible manufacturer, offer its clients traceable & certified gemstones. Thus, making their jewels beautiful inside & out!

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