Know your gemstone

Spritual Meanings behind every gemstone

Gemstones have always been a topic of fascination and curiosity since the dawn of time and they are associated with varied symbolism in many cultures. Love, passion, abundance, purity, wisdom are a few of many traits that can be amplified by choosing the right gemstone.

Gemstone jewelry is in high demand not only because of its aesthetics but also because of their numerous healing and spiritual benefits. A thorough understanding of these precious gemstones can guide in choosing the right gemstone to suit one’s need or desires. As an ethical gemstone jewellery manufacturer, we want to share information about the various gemstones and their numerous benefits.

Here, we are discussing few of the most commonly used gemstones: Garnet, Emerald, Ruby, Sapphire, Opal and Topaz.


Speciality & Benefits:
Rich red in color, known as 'Commitment Stone', Birthstone for January, Induces devotion, love and sensuality, Incurs courage and hope

Garnet is a red blazing stone that has been worn for spiritual protection for thousands of years. It has a long history of being associated with creativity and love.

This precious January birthstone has incredible regeneration, cleansing, and revitalising properties. It is thought to induce devotion, love, and sensuality in those who wear it. Garnet’s spiritual benefits will help enhance confidence, incur courage and hope along with overcoming fear, grief and anxiety, making it a holistic stone.


Speciality & Benefits:
Deep green in color, Birthstone for May, Symbol of truth, Love & Compassion, Bring Positivity, wealth & Prosperity, Stimulates heart chakra

Emerald is a striking stone that is green in hue and reflects nature's splendour. It aids in the reduction of negative emotions and the rise of abundance, prosperity and wealth. It is a lucky stone for those who are born in May.

The heart chakra is stimulated by emerald and has a healing impact on both the emotional and physical body. It promotes harmony in all aspects of one's life, whether you wish to attract money into your life or ward off evil spirits, you can count on emerald to help you achieve any of your goals.


Speciality & Benefits:
Pinkish red in color, symbol of love, passion and harmony, Birthstone for July, Aids in removing unpleasant nightmares, Incurs confidence & provide inner calmness.

This exquisite pinkish-red stone is recognised as one of the most beautiful and popular stones in the world. It is symbolic of love, passion and harmony. Ruby has many healing properties and is a wonderful aid in restoring energy levels, eliminating unpleasant nightmares, resolving conflicts and providing inner calmness.

In the past, people wore this stone as a charm and protective amulet to fight against the plague. It is also known to instil confidence within the wearer to win over their foes be it on a personal or professional front.


Speciality & Benefits:
Deep blue in color, symbol of royalty, luxury & abundant, wealth and beauty, Also known as 'Wisdom & Prosperity' stone.

Sapphire is a deep blue gemstone that is associated with royalty and is said to attract abundance, good fortune and intelligence. It is also known as wisdom and prosperity stone making it a very popular gemstone among many celebrities and famous personalities.

Sapphire's spiritual benefits include lowering depression, bringing peace and tranquillity within, and protecting from physical dangers and the evil eye. It is an excellent stone for persons who frequently over-think.


Speciality & Benefits:
Mostly Popular in Blue Color, Known as a sacred stone, Birthstone for December, Brings joy, fortune and confidence, Encourages forgiveness and truthfulness.

Topaz has been regarded as a sacred stone for ages. It exists in a range of colours most popular in a blue hue and it is the birthstone for people born in December. It is commonly known as a stone of love and good fortune.

It's a relaxing, healing, and energizing crystal with a peaceful, sensitive vibe. Topaz encourages forgiveness and truthfulness, erasing doubt and ambiguity, enabling you to see clearly and pursue goals with dedication.


Speciality & Benefits:
Varied color appearance that seems to shimmer in light, Known as 'Hope' stone, Birthstone for October borns, Regains creativity, amplifies good karma and fortune.

A stone that dazzles like a starry night with blue and purple overtone, reigniting creativity and amplifying good karma and fortune. It is symbolic of purity and mysticism and its shimmering look has made it quite popular, unique and luxurious in look and feel.

Opal, known as a ‘Hope’ stone, brings a perfect sense of balance, enlightens and guides in the right direction of achieving greater things in the wearer’s life. It is the birthstone for October born, promoting self-assurance, which will show in words, ideas, and deeds. It aids with efficient communication, deep wisdom and insight for a better life.

Accompany us on this trip of discovering the many benefits of wearing precious gemstone jewelry, so aboard this spaceship of unique knowledge and keep your eyes out for future chapters of ‘KNOW YOUR GEMSTONE.'